Tom Brunner

über – mich
Hi, ich bin Tom. I was born 1984 in munich and thats where i still live. Even in younger years i was attracted by photography and found my path doing high contrast monochrome photographs. Many photographers start learning on film and sometimes switch to digital. For me it was the opposit. I started digital and after that i discovered film photography. Now im using both.

über – meine Arbeit
The idea behind my photographs is to combine black and white with a modern high contrast style. I use the whole scale from black to very bright tones in my work.
Most time when i see a good looking environment with good light conditions aswell i already have a picture in my head of how i want to photograph it. Then i’m just waiting for the right subject to enter the scene. Sometimes things are much faster and it is only about a view seconds to decide how to take the shot.

über – meine Publikationen
VIEPA Vienna International Foto Award
Galerie LIK Wien
Black Style Magazine
EYE Photo Magazine
IPA – International Photo Awards
Monochrome Photography Awards
apa – Annual Photography Awards
LFI – Leica Fotografie International